National Grigsby
Preservation Foundation

About the Grigsby Foundation

The National Grigsby Preservation Foundation (NGPF) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit according to IRS Code. The organization is operated by volunteers of the National Grigsby Family Society (NGFS).


The National Grigsby Preservation Foundation (NGPF) was incorporated in 2008 as a charitable arm of the National Grigsby Family Society (NGFS). The purpose of the NGPF is to provide family members a resource pool for giving back to the greater community. The Foundation serves to preserve and publicize genealogical and historical information that represents the Grigsby Family and the eras in which they lived. The NGPF focuses on a museum concept that encourages the public to learn about the cultural impact of the Grigsby Family and their descendants. The Foundation seeks Grigsby surname individuals and their descendants for DNA testing to determine their genealogical connection to NGFS members.  The long-term goals of the Foundation are to provide support for DNA testing for individuals seeking their Grigsby Family lines of descent and to create a physical and virtual repository for artifacts and heirlooms of the Grigsby Family throughout the generations.

Board Members & Directors

Board Members

President: Sally Grigsby DeSantis
Vice-President: Don Grigsby
Immediate Past President: Matt Beard
Secretary: Marilyn Grigsby
Treasurer: Randy Gentz
Administrator: Marcia Johnson


Phyllis Bryant, Rene Grigsby Chadick, Sally Grigsby DeSantis, Judy Ermold, Randy Gentz, Don Grigsby, Donna Grigsby, Marilyn Grigsby, Stephen Grigsby, Marcia Johnson, Debbie Grigsby Lynch, and Mike Robinson

Andrew Jackson Grigsby circa 1904.


The Grigsby Story – A Snapshot Of American History

Military Service and American Wars

Grigsbys and the American Revolution

Aaron Grigsby and the Capture of The Grand Turk

James Grigsby

John Grigsby

Revolutionary War Records:

Brown, William Ambrose

Grigsby, Aaron

Grigsby, Benjamin

Grigsby, Moses

Paxton, Samuel

Paxton, Thomas

Paxton, William

 The Texas War for Independence from Mexico

Grigsby Families in the Texas Revolution  

 The California Bear Flag Revolt 1846

The California Grigsbys and the Bear Flag Revolt

The Civil War

Grigsby Hill and the First Battle of Manassas

Grigsby Farm and House of Alexander Spotswood Grigsby

The Smoked Yank by Colonel Melvin Grigsby (*Note – the full book and the reprints contain language as it was written in 1888.
Full Version

Newsletter reprints with analysis and comments:
Part 1 – introduction, content, chapters I to II

Part 2 – chapters III to VI

Part 3 – chapters VII to X

Part 4 – chapters XI to XVII

Part 5 – chapters XVIII to XXII

Part 6 – chapters XXIII to XXVI and appendix

*Note – the full book and the reprints contain language and spelling as it was written in 1888.

No derogatory or negative intention is meant by the group including race, gender, or politcal party.
General Elisha Franklin Paxton (1828-1863) / C.S.A. Civil War Letters

Andrew Jackson Grigsby (1819-1895) C.S.A. Officer in Stonewall Brigade

Grigsby Civil War Soldiers

 The Spanish American War 

Colonel Melvin Grigsby 1845-1917 and FamilyGrigsby’s Cowboys
The Rough Riders  

Grigsby’s Get Involved!

Here are two simple ways to participate and learn:

1. Email the NGPF at to discover your Grigsby heritage and how to support the work of the Foundation.

Find out about low-cost or free DNA testing that is available. The DNA Study Committee is actively seeking individuals to test for certain lines and branches of Grigsby descent. Males whose last name is Grigsby are encouraged to look into eligibility for Y-DNA testing. Furthermore, Grigsby genealogists are glad to share what has been discovered during more than a decade of study.

2. Visit the National Grigsby Family Society website at for more opportunities to join, support, and participate in Grigsby activities and family events.

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